Hello Wave!

Spent the last two days @ Google I/O.

I liked this event, although I mainly went there because it was reasonable priced ($50 for a student). The first day came with a surprise as each participant got an android phone.  Not that I need one, but it is nice to have one. It is unlocked and apparently comes with cupcake. They spent actually very little time on the phone during the keynote, as far as I remember.  I just saw that someone got $700 on ebay for his/hers, so maybe I should ….

I do have an iPhone and as far I experienced think it is the sleeker device. I am surprised that  Google is not able to match look and feel of the iPhone. I am not saying they should copy it, but they should be able to come up with something equivalent. Problem with Google might be that it is a geeks place. They may not even have people employed that can’t program. 

I will have more blog entries about the event later.



One thought on “Hello Wave!

  1. Hi Peter,
    have fun and let me know how it went. Just currios myself … even without the android phone 😉

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