Oracle’s Fusion Middleware Roll-out

Spent a day at Oracle.

Watched a couple of presentations on Fusion Middleware. Still not clear to me what it really is …

It seems like a bundle of technologies, that they can’t really put a name on. And so it was presented –  a gazillion of apps that. All there to make your life easier. Especially the portal part can be confusing. What can it do, what can’t it do? It is not working with Flash out of the box – I think.

The web is now about 2o years old, but the on the development side it is confusing as ever.

Also realized, that Oracle strength still still seems to be the database. This event drew about half of the people as compared to a database event about 2 months ago. And that event was about new features in 11gR1 – not even R2.

11g R2 is close I guess, I heard rumours of a roadshow in September. I hope it doesn’t collide with Apples event, otherwise it will disappear in iTunes noise with the buildup  of speculations like will Steve Jobs attend or not.


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