Oracle updates it’s “iPod”

Big announcement at Oracle:

Why do the call it the “Sun Oracle Database Machine” (SODM?). A mouthful of a name. Why is the SUN name still in it? So they do finally cut their ties to HP less than a year after they made the announcement at the 2008 OOW.

Interesting to see how HP will react to this. Getting closer with Microsoft?Rejuvenating their old DBs like Tandem? Will they go out and (re)start selling their Data Warehouse Solution?

What will others do like Dell?

IBM might profit from it though . Some customers don’t like the idea of a vendor lock-in. Meaning everything out of one hand. As Oracle tries to emulate IBM strategy, these customers can now choose from two equals – or evils.

HP is marque sponsor for this years OOW


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