VCE – VMware, Cisco, EMC

Aah, one of these 3 letter initiatives. Why three in this case – 3 musketeers?

I remember others like VOS from back then. It was a Veritas, Oracle, SUN. Not sure if it still exists. If so it would now have to be called SO – from  VOS to SOS (Symantec replaced Veritas) and now the final S needs to be erased so it should be either called SO or SOO …

Anyways I was invited to a sales event by NEXUS. They are partners of Cisco. At this event we got bombarded by slides about this initiative. I have to admit that I didn’t really look at the Cisco’s UCS and if I did I was mostly interested in the FCoE technology. But the power lies in the switch. Cisco added power features/code to their Nexus switches and made them dedicated UCS switches. Not sure what’s exactly added, but they claim it greatly improves Virtualization, though.

Couple of other things I realized. Very little mentioning of Oracle. Weird when you consider how much software Oracle now sells. But then Oracle is a “competitor” to VMware. Not a big one though (Marketshare: WMware: 74,2%, Microsoft:14.8% and then there is the rest). Not much interest in Oracle’s OVM, despite the continuous threat of non-support by Oracle. We will see if Oracle will be able to become a real player in this market. Maybe customer just don’t care or they buy somewhere else. For now – I guess – nobody will virtualize their big production DB anyways, since they are on dedicated systems anyways. There is gazillions of things you can virtualize before you take on the “big one”.

Last question: When will IBM and HP come out with their dedicated blade switches?

Here is an EMC Blog about Oracle non-support of VMware.


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