SoS – Students of Sid

Once I heard the abbreviation FoB. It stands for friends of Bill and describes a circle of people around the former President Bill Clinton. Somehow I was thinking about that when I was attending the memorial service for Sid H. Davidson Jr. So I am a SoS – a Student of Sid.

People spoke about how Sid was touching their lifes in sometimes very profound ways. Colleagues as well as current and former students talked about the help and support they received from Sid Davidson. It was amazing and humbling to hear what one person can do for so many others.

He was able to advise young students and help them find their direction – encouraging them to try harder and aim higher than they thought they should. Older students who somewhat lost their ways, found someone in Sid that listened and gave them a new purpose; convincing them to leave established paths and try something new and more rewarding (He wanted me become a lawyer or a paralegal :-)).

It was humbling as I was questioning myself, what have I done so far with my life – and it just does not measure up to his legacy. He was a world class teacher and for this you have to be an incredible human being. And he was just that – the best.

The way he taught law you thought he was an experienced lawyer. But he wasn’t he was outstanding as an instructor – humble, funny and with only one purpose help students thrive. I made him a lawyer because I wanted to, and I made him older than he actually was, but  don’t ask me why. He died 79 years old. He was about the same age as my mom. She died about a year ago, which was something else i was thinking at the memorial. This type of event makes you reflect about a lot of things – I guess…

Farewell Sid – you will be deeply missed by many as I learned this Wednesday


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