OOW 09, it was

Oracle Open World is winding down. The Register has a recap of the main event – Larry Ellison’s keynote speech. I wasn’t able to attend this years OOW. So I followed  it online via Twitter and the livestream. Worked out OK, but somehow missed some of buzz.  On the plus-side, I avoided the loud music before the keynotes (many on Twitter complained about it), could do other more interesting stuff during the boring parts of a keynote (there were quite a view according to Twitter).

I think there was no “big bang” such as the Exadata announcement last year. To spiff it up a bit they announced the 10 million dollar challenge. Exadata V.2 was already announced mostly to stop SUN’s bleeding, although a part of the keynote was still about it. They probably planned more stuff around SUN, but the EU’s insistence of checking the deal further did halt all major efforts. We will see, what happens later down the road.

Fusion Apps were shown for the first time I know there quite a few who were really looking forward to that one. Applications built on Fusion Middleware.

OOW 09, it was fairly quiet.


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