VE – this time no C

Well, spent a few hours earlier today at a WMware event – one presentation by  VMware, the other one was done by their partner EMC. It is interesting to see how they try to portrait VMware as independent from EMC. Kinda cute. The EMC presentation was mostly about what their EMC Ionix division has to offer. Of course VMware vCenter works nicely with almost all the software EMC offers. What was more striking was the fact that Cisco and its UCS was mentioned more than once. Makes me think that these companies get along quite well and they intend to keep that way. For now there is very little overlap between Cisco and EMC – unlike say HP, which is on its way to become a complete systems provider as well. With that I mean switches, storage and the whole software stack (what once was opsware).

VMware didn’t try to tip toe around the Oracle support question – they faced it head-on. They tried to portrait it as mostly FUD. Technically  – I think – smaller DB installation shouldn’t be a problem. And as far as RAC goes, I would ask why? Why would anybody try to run RAC in a virtualized environment. If it is running leave it alone (I would say). keep it simple keep it clean. You what this thing up 100% – and you paid dearly for that.

This whole support drama makes you wonder what will happen with MySQL when the SUN acquisition is done.

One thing they didn’t mention is licensing. It – in theory – prohibits anybody from taking advantage of one apparent feature of virtualization. Since  they only support OVM – again in theory, as I don’t have any specifics – a VMware customer might need to pay for all the CPU/Cores Oracle is running on and it doesn’t really matter how the VM is configured. That depends of course on the licensing the customer is using.

Reminds me on something Oracle was doing to Clusterware vendors – if you run another clusterware under Oracle you need to pay Enterprise licensing there you have it – It probably did really matter as most of the customers that run clusters had deep pockets anyways and the Oracle sales person was more than happy to sell an Enterprise license. But it was especially made for another vendor that started with a V – Veri something ….


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