One Empire strikes back

Have been wondering lately what HP or IBM will be doing since Cisco tries to step of their toes. How at least one puzzle has been solved. HP is buying 3Com. So is IBM after Brocade then, and will they get get beaten by Oracle again? The answer is probably around the corner.

One thing though works out quite nicely, if you plan to do a network oriented startup, you have more buyers you can choose from, not just Cisco.

But what about those companies that are not able to buy themselves a switch company – what if Dell can’t find anyone?  EMC is moving closer to Cisco, although that – they will say – doesn’t mean much, and they will claim to be best partners. Dell is still selling EMC hardware and probably plenty of it. And they still sell plenty of 3Com and Cisco hardware as well. But if virtualization is the driving force, they better get their story right. Virtualization is affecting the whole stack – from storage and the network all the way through to the server.

There is only little impact on the short term, but long term it might become difficult for Dell and similar companies. Long term might depend much more on how Microsoft will succeed with there Virtualization strategy anyways. As usual Microsoft is late, that is no surprise question is how strong of a push the will make. Currently they are the No 2 player in the VM market with about  a 4th of VMware’s marketshare.



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