Google I/O 2010 starts now.

Short Intro by Vic. So why is  called I/O?  Innovation and Open:

HTML 5 Momentum is gaining.

Come tomorrow at 8,30 !! BIG surprises (leaves with a big smile).

Next is Sundar (Product Dev VP): HTML is progressing. More HTML5 Mobile browsers.

HTML5 allows drag and drop and Notification (more like Outlook).

Mugtug Darkroom (sorta Photoshop) works offline (uses App Cache provided by Html5) A  Javascript Application. ( another HTML5 App  using workers etc. Organizes Web Video show – a little long. Also adds Netflix.

Big Announcement for Html5: Video (On2) VP8 is getting open sourced and free of license (see webM project Supported by Mozilla and Opera. Youtube is converting (of course).  (Going after Apple and H264). Plenty of  sideswipes against Apple.

Opera  announces their support for Webm .  Looks pretty good.

What about Adobe? It supports VP8 🙂

Abobe is now on the Stage – Kevin Lynch: HTML5 is great 3 thing to show it:

Dreamweaver (most popular HTML dev tool besides Notepad).

Illustrator supports SVG.

Animation done with HTML5.

Support for Video (VP8 will be in Flash Player).

More stuff tomorrow on Flash on Devices.

Hard to find Web Apps. Preview of Chrome Webstore.  Applications can be stored on the new tab page. Show a couple of games (one will be based on NaCl).

Terry McDonnel from SI: show Html5 prototype. With live video fields. The online version will have additional content.  Very interactive. Has Google Buzz integrated.  Found himself in a small conference room in MV. Good ending quote.  HAs to be based on open standards, has to be searchable and well edited – if you get it right you can charge for it.

Lars Rassmussen ( the Wave guy): Wave is now available for everyone (part of Google Apps now). Good tool for collaboration. New changes Robots don’t have to be hosted on Google APPengine. Waves is integrated into Salesforce Chatter.

Next: Web at Work:

Cloud and Enterprise

Google and VMware? CEO Paul Mauritz is here!!!

Springsource (more than half of the new Java code is written in the context of Spring)

Springsource and GWT Integration. Demo: Develop an Expense report system in less the 200 keystrokes – Done.

Good integration of performance tools. Widget Libs available for Mobile. But Demo gods are not good.

These guys are running really late!

Announcement: Google App Engine for Business.  Adds SSL and SQL .

I guess I will skill my 1st session … Well I didn’t get the 1st Android session was already full.


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