Silicon Valley Code Camp

I am trying to get into Flex programming. I like a well done UI and a good UX is something captivates me. Flex seems simple enough to do and gets you some nice Interface in no time – it seems. On the other hand it might become boring relatively fast – it seems. Kinda like the brushed aluminum looks in a car. I hope new Flex versions will change that.

This years Silicon Valley Code Camp has some intro sessions into flex:

I am interested in an advanced session about frameworks and flex by Keith Sutton:

‘This session explores the application architecture options for building applications using Adobe’s Flex Framework. Although choosing the right architecture can be something of an art, science and religion it should fundamentally start with an understanding your requirements and what is available. Over the past two years a number of ‘micro-architectures’ have been created for Flex including Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, Swiz and others. We shall take a comparative look at these and discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages.’

Gotta know that stuff …