Google day 2

Well everybody expects this to be the Android day.  There 2 TBA session o the Android track which kinda gives it away – as well as the fact that they haven’t talked about Android on the first keynote. I assume Adobe will be there again, showing Flash/Air on Android.

Vic starts it off -again.

Recaps his first day at Google meeting Andy Rubin – another stab at Apple/Jobs.

100.000 devices a day get activated. Android is No 1 in web usage according to Admob.

Some more figures …. 50.000 Apps 180.000 Developers.

22 demos:

Announcing Andriod 2.2 (FroYo):  Dalvik VM

announcing a JIT for Dalvik: 2x-5x

Enterprise: (20 new features) Exchange stuff and more APIs

Application Data Backup API

Cloud-to-Device Messaging API (another stab at Apple).

A message can trigger an Android intent. (Can startup an App such as Maps or a Browser)

Announcing tethering (portable hotspot) – another stab at Apple

Browser: 2x-3x javascript improvement (comparing  Froyo – Eclair and Apple iPad) yet another stab at Apple and another ….

Camera accessible via Web Apps.

Demo shows browser reacting to phone sensors.

Flash and Air on Android ( Of course another stab at …)

More app market features: Easier Update – better bug reports.

sneak peaks features of a “next” Version of Market App – Shows syncing on Androids over the internet.

Advertising (Google  is now 10 years in Advertising). Again comparing with Apple. Adsense for mobile Apps. Expandable ad-format (links to videos etc. Click to call Ad, includes Maps etc.)

Another phone. Everybody gets a Sprint HTC Evo 4G!!!

Announcing Google TV.

Search is now built-into the TV. A small search bar will show up and searches program as well as the web.

Huge demoing  issues with the bluetooth keyboard. Asks everybody to switch off their phones.

Pulls content off the web and the tv.

Tries to change the TV interface work like the web. “You bookmark” your favorite show etc.

Will have voice recognition interface – and can be controlled via an Android phone. API will be published – App developers can build their own remotes.

Androids is underneath Google TV. Android Apps will available for Google TV. They show Pandora App on Google TV.

Youtube anounces Youtube Lean Back built for Google TV.

Funny when they show Google TV they all like to say “It is that Simple” – which I thought is trademarked by Apple.

You can watch and listen to all the contents on all your devices – it is synced.

They will use the closed captioning and the Google translation so you can watch TV in any language.

Eric Schmitt show up – for final remarks. CEO’s show up: Intel, Sony, Logitech, Dish network,  Best Buy and Adobe.

Adobe gets some time to talk up flash.

CEO’s have fun.

DishNet CEO talks about Ads tailored to the watching habits of the TV watcher.


Google I/O 2010 starts now.

Short Intro by Vic. So why is  called I/O?  Innovation and Open:

HTML 5 Momentum is gaining.

Come tomorrow at 8,30 !! BIG surprises (leaves with a big smile).

Next is Sundar (Product Dev VP): HTML is progressing. More HTML5 Mobile browsers.

HTML5 allows drag and drop and Notification (more like Outlook).

Mugtug Darkroom (sorta Photoshop) works offline (uses App Cache provided by Html5) A  Javascript Application. ( another HTML5 App  using workers etc. Organizes Web Video show – a little long. Also adds Netflix.

Big Announcement for Html5: Video (On2) VP8 is getting open sourced and free of license (see webM project Supported by Mozilla and Opera. Youtube is converting (of course).  (Going after Apple and H264). Plenty of  sideswipes against Apple.

Opera  announces their support for Webm .  Looks pretty good.

What about Adobe? It supports VP8 🙂

Abobe is now on the Stage – Kevin Lynch: HTML5 is great 3 thing to show it:

Dreamweaver (most popular HTML dev tool besides Notepad).

Illustrator supports SVG.

Animation done with HTML5.

Support for Video (VP8 will be in Flash Player).

More stuff tomorrow on Flash on Devices.

Hard to find Web Apps. Preview of Chrome Webstore.  Applications can be stored on the new tab page. Show a couple of games (one will be based on NaCl).

Terry McDonnel from SI: show Html5 prototype. With live video fields. The online version will have additional content.  Very interactive. Has Google Buzz integrated.  Found himself in a small conference room in MV. Good ending quote.  HAs to be based on open standards, has to be searchable and well edited – if you get it right you can charge for it.

Lars Rassmussen ( the Wave guy): Wave is now available for everyone (part of Google Apps now). Good tool for collaboration. New changes Robots don’t have to be hosted on Google APPengine. Waves is integrated into Salesforce Chatter.

Next: Web at Work:

Cloud and Enterprise

Google and VMware? CEO Paul Mauritz is here!!!

Springsource (more than half of the new Java code is written in the context of Spring)

Springsource and GWT Integration. Demo: Develop an Expense report system in less the 200 keystrokes – Done.

Good integration of performance tools. Widget Libs available for Mobile. But Demo gods are not good.

These guys are running really late!

Announcement: Google App Engine for Business.  Adds SSL and SQL .

I guess I will skill my 1st session … Well I didn’t get the 1st Android session was already full.

Interesting – if true – email me

There  is a report on allthingsd that states the VMware is likely to buy Zimbra from Yahoo. Three things come to my mind:

1. Why – EMC maybe but why VMware?

2. Does that put them against Cisco and there attempt to rule the world of unified communication?
And  does it mean that cracks are appearing in the VCE partnership?

3. And why didn’t Oracle snatch it up – their mail product certainly could need to little help

Old Kids on the VBlock(tm)

Here is the official announcement.  The Register reports are here and here. This seems to be more than just the few slides I talked about a month or so ago. Quite a few companies are affected by that. The Register talks about the obvious ones. Smaller ones (Fujitsu, Rackable etc.) might get slammed. However, some big ones are out there, that we haven’t heard of. The question is: where is Microsoft?

All this infrastructure is nice, but it still is only infrastructure – a means to run applications. None of the application providers endorsed this venture yet. SAP or Symantec might, but it is hard to see Microsoft and especially Oracle to really appreciate this VCE (or EVC as The Register calls it). Oracle/Sun – it needs to happen sooner than later – will certainly make a point about the fact that it is about the apps.

BOT (build, operate, transfer) – as Chuck alludes is what this venture should deliver. They signed up a couple of big partners (mostly integrators and outsourcers). Many of those need a partnership like this, since IBM and HP are full systems providers and Dell tries to become one (They bought Perot Systems remember?).

Point here is that we know where HP, IBM stands, where Dell wants to be. We can assume, what Oracle/SUN think they should be. SAP happily runs on everything – they may wish they could run without a database., though. But where is Microsoft?

I would like to know…

Ooh I forgot one more name NetApp where will they go?

VCE – VMware, Cisco, EMC

Aah, one of these 3 letter initiatives. Why three in this case – 3 musketeers?

I remember others like VOS from back then. It was a Veritas, Oracle, SUN. Not sure if it still exists. If so it would now have to be called SO – from  VOS to SOS (Symantec replaced Veritas) and now the final S needs to be erased so it should be either called SO or SOO …

Anyways I was invited to a sales event by NEXUS. They are partners of Cisco. At this event we got bombarded by slides about this initiative. I have to admit that I didn’t really look at the Cisco’s UCS and if I did I was mostly interested in the FCoE technology. But the power lies in the switch. Cisco added power features/code to their Nexus switches and made them dedicated UCS switches. Not sure what’s exactly added, but they claim it greatly improves Virtualization, though.

Couple of other things I realized. Very little mentioning of Oracle. Weird when you consider how much software Oracle now sells. But then Oracle is a “competitor” to VMware. Not a big one though (Marketshare: WMware: 74,2%, Microsoft:14.8% and then there is the rest). Not much interest in Oracle’s OVM, despite the continuous threat of non-support by Oracle. We will see if Oracle will be able to become a real player in this market. Maybe customer just don’t care or they buy somewhere else. For now – I guess – nobody will virtualize their big production DB anyways, since they are on dedicated systems anyways. There is gazillions of things you can virtualize before you take on the “big one”.

Last question: When will IBM and HP come out with their dedicated blade switches?

Here is an EMC Blog about Oracle non-support of VMware.

Silicon Valley Code Camp

I am trying to get into Flex programming. I like a well done UI and a good UX is something captivates me. Flex seems simple enough to do and gets you some nice Interface in no time – it seems. On the other hand it might become boring relatively fast – it seems. Kinda like the brushed aluminum looks in a car. I hope new Flex versions will change that.

This years Silicon Valley Code Camp has some intro sessions into flex:

I am interested in an advanced session about frameworks and flex by Keith Sutton:

‘This session explores the application architecture options for building applications using Adobe’s Flex Framework. Although choosing the right architecture can be something of an art, science and religion it should fundamentally start with an understanding your requirements and what is available. Over the past two years a number of ‘micro-architectures’ have been created for Flex including Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, Swiz and others. We shall take a comparative look at these and discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages.’

Gotta know that stuff …

Oracle’s Fusion Middleware Roll-out

Spent a day at Oracle.

Watched a couple of presentations on Fusion Middleware. Still not clear to me what it really is …

It seems like a bundle of technologies, that they can’t really put a name on. And so it was presented –  a gazillion of apps that. All there to make your life easier. Especially the portal part can be confusing. What can it do, what can’t it do? It is not working with Flash out of the box – I think.

The web is now about 2o years old, but the on the development side it is confusing as ever.

Also realized, that Oracle strength still still seems to be the database. This event drew about half of the people as compared to a database event about 2 months ago. And that event was about new features in 11gR1 – not even R2.

11g R2 is close I guess, I heard rumours of a roadshow in September. I hope it doesn’t collide with Apples event, otherwise it will disappear in iTunes noise with the buildup  of speculations like will Steve Jobs attend or not.