Basic Network Setup on an AIX system

Here is an excerpt from AIX Certification Study Guide for AIX 5L(December 2002):

Use command smitty tcpip for basic settings – smitty will use mktcpip. Sets properties such as host name, IP address, nameserver, default gateway, subnetmask etc.

Or you can you mktcpip from the command line  – like in this example:
mktcpip -h HOSTNAME -a IPaddress -m NETMASK -i IF(eg. en0) \

-s        starts tcpip daemon
-C        Cost of using the selected interface type
-A        Active dead gateway detection: no (the default), dead gateway detection remains in passive mode.

Detail taken from HOW TO: Easily Configure TCP/IP on Your AIX System



Nobody goes there anymore – it is too crowded – Google I/O

Well – I tried – I tried a couple of time, but to no avail. Google I/O sold out in less than an hour.  So I am not going to this years Google I/O. Which is of course a disappointment. I guess I will survive  (until I find out what goodies they give away :-)).

Google day 2

Well everybody expects this to be the Android day.  There 2 TBA session o the Android track which kinda gives it away – as well as the fact that they haven’t talked about Android on the first keynote. I assume Adobe will be there again, showing Flash/Air on Android.

Vic starts it off -again.

Recaps his first day at Google meeting Andy Rubin – another stab at Apple/Jobs.

100.000 devices a day get activated. Android is No 1 in web usage according to Admob.

Some more figures …. 50.000 Apps 180.000 Developers.

22 demos:

Announcing Andriod 2.2 (FroYo):  Dalvik VM

announcing a JIT for Dalvik: 2x-5x

Enterprise: (20 new features) Exchange stuff and more APIs

Application Data Backup API

Cloud-to-Device Messaging API (another stab at Apple).

A message can trigger an Android intent. (Can startup an App such as Maps or a Browser)

Announcing tethering (portable hotspot) – another stab at Apple

Browser: 2x-3x javascript improvement (comparing  Froyo – Eclair and Apple iPad) yet another stab at Apple and another ….

Camera accessible via Web Apps.

Demo shows browser reacting to phone sensors.

Flash and Air on Android ( Of course another stab at …)

More app market features: Easier Update – better bug reports.

sneak peaks features of a “next” Version of Market App – Shows syncing on Androids over the internet.

Advertising (Google  is now 10 years in Advertising). Again comparing with Apple. Adsense for mobile Apps. Expandable ad-format (links to videos etc. Click to call Ad, includes Maps etc.)

Another phone. Everybody gets a Sprint HTC Evo 4G!!!

Announcing Google TV.

Search is now built-into the TV. A small search bar will show up and searches program as well as the web.

Huge demoing  issues with the bluetooth keyboard. Asks everybody to switch off their phones.

Pulls content off the web and the tv.

Tries to change the TV interface work like the web. “You bookmark” your favorite show etc.

Will have voice recognition interface – and can be controlled via an Android phone. API will be published – App developers can build their own remotes.

Androids is underneath Google TV. Android Apps will available for Google TV. They show Pandora App on Google TV.

Youtube anounces Youtube Lean Back built for Google TV.

Funny when they show Google TV they all like to say “It is that Simple” – which I thought is trademarked by Apple.

You can watch and listen to all the contents on all your devices – it is synced.

They will use the closed captioning and the Google translation so you can watch TV in any language.

Eric Schmitt show up – for final remarks. CEO’s show up: Intel, Sony, Logitech, Dish network,  Best Buy and Adobe.

Adobe gets some time to talk up flash.

CEO’s have fun.

DishNet CEO talks about Ads tailored to the watching habits of the TV watcher.

Old Kids on the VBlock(tm)

Here is the official announcement.  The Register reports are here and here. This seems to be more than just the few slides I talked about a month or so ago. Quite a few companies are affected by that. The Register talks about the obvious ones. Smaller ones (Fujitsu, Rackable etc.) might get slammed. However, some big ones are out there, that we haven’t heard of. The question is: where is Microsoft?

All this infrastructure is nice, but it still is only infrastructure – a means to run applications. None of the application providers endorsed this venture yet. SAP or Symantec might, but it is hard to see Microsoft and especially Oracle to really appreciate this VCE (or EVC as The Register calls it). Oracle/Sun – it needs to happen sooner than later – will certainly make a point about the fact that it is about the apps.

BOT (build, operate, transfer) – as Chuck alludes is what this venture should deliver. They signed up a couple of big partners (mostly integrators and outsourcers). Many of those need a partnership like this, since IBM and HP are full systems providers and Dell tries to become one (They bought Perot Systems remember?).

Point here is that we know where HP, IBM stands, where Dell wants to be. We can assume, what Oracle/SUN think they should be. SAP happily runs on everything – they may wish they could run without a database., though. But where is Microsoft?

I would like to know…

Ooh I forgot one more name NetApp where will they go?

SoS – Students of Sid

Once I heard the abbreviation FoB. It stands for friends of Bill and describes a circle of people around the former President Bill Clinton. Somehow I was thinking about that when I was attending the memorial service for Sid H. Davidson Jr. So I am a SoS – a Student of Sid.

People spoke about how Sid was touching their lifes in sometimes very profound ways. Colleagues as well as current and former students talked about the help and support they received from Sid Davidson. It was amazing and humbling to hear what one person can do for so many others.

He was able to advise young students and help them find their direction – encouraging them to try harder and aim higher than they thought they should. Older students who somewhat lost their ways, found someone in Sid that listened and gave them a new purpose; convincing them to leave established paths and try something new and more rewarding (He wanted me become a lawyer or a paralegal :-)).

It was humbling as I was questioning myself, what have I done so far with my life – and it just does not measure up to his legacy. He was a world class teacher and for this you have to be an incredible human being. And he was just that – the best.

The way he taught law you thought he was an experienced lawyer. But he wasn’t he was outstanding as an instructor – humble, funny and with only one purpose help students thrive. I made him a lawyer because I wanted to, and I made him older than he actually was, but  don’t ask me why. He died 79 years old. He was about the same age as my mom. She died about a year ago, which was something else i was thinking at the memorial. This type of event makes you reflect about a lot of things – I guess…

Farewell Sid – you will be deeply missed by many as I learned this Wednesday

Remembering Professor Sid H. Davidson, Jr.

Foothill College will hold a Memorial Service for Dr. Davidson. So if your not on the Facebook Group: ‘Remembering Professor Sid H. Davidson, Jr.’ here is the information

Date:Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Time:12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College
Street: 12345 El Monte Road
City/Town:Los Altos Hills, CA